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What is Alt/D9?

Alt/D9 is an herbal blend of legally sourced hemp derived cannabinoids that produce relaxing and euphoric feelings.

What are the benefits?

  • IT’S LEGAL! Because Alt/D9 comes from legally farmed and extracted hemp, and Delta-9 THC levels are below federally mandated 0.3% levels, you can consume the product legally wherever hemp is legal.
  • IT’S CONVENIENT! Alt/D9 products are easy to carry and ingest at the user’s convenient time.
  • IT’S DISCREET. Alt/D9 is small and comes in discreet and secure packaging. It can easily fit in your pocket. Alt/D9 is easy to consume without attracting attention or producing the aromas associated with smoking or vaporization.
  • IT’S AN EXPERIENCE. Consuming Alt/D9 provides a unique experience that can be had by yourself or shared with others who also consume Alt/D9.
  • IT’S A GREAT VALUE. The price of Alt/D9 is minimal for the many hours of enjoyment you are likely to experience.

Who’s Alt/D9 good for?

 Alt/D9 is good for anyone who wants to take the edge off or who wants to experience long-lasting euphoria.

Are you ready for an experience?

Alt/D9 presents cannabis industry entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity. Become a wholesale distributor and be a first mover in an industry that is on its way to reaching its tipping point.

Ready to sell Alt/D9?

If you are interested in carrying Alt/D9, a hemp-derived product rich in THCP, in your virtual or physical retail store, we’d love to speak with you. Please complete the contact form below and we will reach out to you shortly.